NYGz/GS 183rd (interlude) Lyrics - Gang Starr

Gang Starr One of the Best Yet cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2019-11-1
length: 1:11
producer: DJ Premier
mixer: DJ Premier
engineer: Eddie Sancho and Parks
recording engineer: The King of Chill
It's crazy, right?
Listen, listen, listen, I'm from New York City, right?
I'm from the five boroughs
It's the fact, listen, when I was a little ***** growing up
When I met this *****, him and Guru, right? (Mmm-hmm)
It probably, what was that, '87, '88? ('88)
'88, I was 16, 17 years old
I was gettin' money in Baltimore, I'm from the Bronx (okay)
So, I respected *****s from outta town coming to another town tryin' to get money (aight)
Feel me? So that's what clicked me with Gang Starr
I thought Guru, God bless him, was my little man
That ***** was ten years older than me
I'm from outside (okay)
And I thought that, you know
I come from the era where rappers wasn't really, uh, admired the way they are now
You feel me? (Right) Them *****s was entertainers to us (mmm-hmm)
We was ****in' with *****s who threw stones at the penitentiary (right)
Alright, so, when I got with Gang Starr, it was like
"Yo, I like these *****s, they from outta town, they came here to get money
And they doing they thing, I **** with them"
Then when they blew, it was, "Ah, that's dope, they blew
These *****s is legends"

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