Better Things Lyrics - Gangrene

Gangrene You Disgust Me cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2015-8-7
Genre: Hip Hop
length: 3:07

We got this drunk dude in the middle of the street
(He just told me, he just told me)
He said he was gonna shit on us
Oh my god, look at him
Don't need that shit
I look like I need that?

[Verse 1: Oh No]
Now look what this cheddar brings
Custom everything, swerve in everybody's lane
I pull up to the curve then beef with 'em like Clubber Lang
Then throw their chick in some nuts like P.F. Changs
I call that special the Kung Pao
The magnum come loud then kick in the mouth, the Kung Lao
But somehow someway
I keep coming up with more ways to earn them dollar bucks
Monster trucks, crushing you fuckers
Big wheeling, four by four
Hauling a two by four, that's Jim Duggan
Wa - (ohhhh)
Waving the black flag, fuck it
I break down them roaches as if they tree nuggets
It smell shitty, don't it?
It's just a repellent for all opponents
And you can bet your whole city on it
Pass the keys and the deeds, nigga we moving in 'em
Switching the locks on your door, welcome your newest tenants

You can bet I got better things to do than that

[Verse 2: Alchemist]
Look what the kitty drug inside of his mouth
A dirty rat stuck in the city thuggin'
Cable box at an angle to keep the shitty plug in
Dickie suit with the pocket to keep the Griffey gloves in
Up to bat, I swing and knock the meat up out your pumpkin
It's expected for me to come more rugged than bomb skin
With the calluses, I'll smoke the paralysis
Hold a mallah stick and bang my intention was malicious
(Fuck her right in the pussy)
That's what the challenge is
Like GG Allen is flier than fake suede New Balances
Machine gun the label, they fail to pay up the balances
Heavy caliber, still taking things out the ovens like Mary Calendar
Professors compare me to Jerry Salinger
Many habits from the Hills, like Lenny Kravitz
Equalize the dope, throw the compressor on the lettuce baggage

Like the loud pack is too loud

It down and shit, word)


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