Who Sang Chain Swinging? Gangrene

Release information
Release Date: 2010-11-22
Genre: Hip Hop
Style: Hardcore Hip-Hop
length: 2:44

The Alchemist

Yeah, yeah
You here that jingling noise, that noise right there. Yeah, yeah
That's just the sound of my
Chain swinging while I'm doing my thing
I stay bringing, nate bringing same thing everyday I just stay slinging
Keep on like that battery bunny that stay ticking
No slipping, even when I'm asleep I stay clicking
I'm laid low. Switched my mode like shape-shifting
You involved in big boy business
Get close pay attention and witness
Special edition. I'm limited, you don't want to miss this
Uhh, speed on or get peed on
Your album is eughgh, I use it as a thing to break weed on
While I scheme on a sample to feed on
Breath on the track and make you feel like the heat's on
Even when it's cold
Write my name on the wall with the letters bolded
And I don't spend up the cheddar I let it fold
Pockets bulging, me while my stock exploding
For what, even work around the clock that's broken
The chemist

Oh no

From the genesis I drop jewels in this
Size of the comets glistening
Blast passed off chillin
Fancy cars and hot women tripping
I fuck em both, can can't nothing stop me from dipping in em
With the incision I chop like chainsaws
And my intuition cause they ripping yall chains off
Man I stays off
I ain't right dog
I can't stand weeds around me I gotta light yall. With anxiety
I keep a cherry lit
And society is sick
They minds rotted with the irony
And with the eyes on me don't dare my click
That's russian roulette pulling the trigger with full clips
Then feeling the whiff
Full of adrenline sipping the fifth
Will lead to recieving your last gift that's the
Presence of leaving your essence all stiff
Hang em off the chain froze, cold, swinging by dick
It's The Disrupt

CD 1
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Boss Shit
  • 3 Not High Enough
  • 4 Gutter Water (feat. Raekwon)
  • 5 Get Into Some Gangster Shit (feat. Planet Asia)
  • 6 Take Drugs
  • 7 Chain Swinging
  • 8 Wassup Wassup (feat. Fashawn & Evidence)
  • 9 All Bad
  • 10 Breathing Down Yo Neck (feat. MED)
  • 11 From Another Orbit (feat. Roc C)
  • 12 Ransom
  • 13 Standing in the Shadows
  • 14 Brass Knuckle Rap (feat. Guilty Simpson)
  • 15 Not Leaving (feat. Big Twins)