Who Sang Just for Decoration? Gangrene feat. Chuck Strangers & Evidence

Evidence You Disgust Me cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2015-8-7
Genre: Hip Hop
length: 3:12

Yo, yo
Uh, uh, yo, yo

[Verse 1: Chuck Strangers]
My pops drove a Jetta with broken power windows
When he finally let them shits down, I feel the wind blow
They had jokes on Chuck like back when he was little
Bitches whispered to my girl like "Baby, why you with him?"
If I had a penny for every every Mark Henry
Or if I had a dub, for times they call me Faizon Love
But I ain't phased by thugs or people that's cool
Charles finally in charge and he breaking the rules
They riot in my hood, dusty niggas up to no good
Still turnstile hoppin' tryna hold on the profit
Reaping the benefits getting head playing genesis
You niggas ain't full, they frontin' like they just ate
It's a sample genocide when I ride on your record crate
Had to go ghost like Ricky Lake show
So I could just focus, show niggas a flow
Ask me if I want fifty, tell them give me fifty more
Don't try to play me nigga, we out here getting dough
I got way more beats than I got rhymes
Them niggas got way more bullets than you got, slime
Don't let it hurt your pride
Some niggas they was born to ride
Bonafide dealers that deal
My nigga here's the deal
I need way more than a fucking 3.5
Im headed out to Van Nuys need to lower my eyes
Told 'em never ever fuck with Che
My nigga one more point, I scored for the hood today

Just for decorations
That's it and that's all, man
We do it for decorations

[Verse 2: Alchemist]
I'm in a GMC truck cruising
When I rap, blow a vessel need a blood transfusion
[?] like a conductor when I keep hands moving
Don't spill on the stage til I see hands moving
Crowd surfing in a river boat
You softer than the skin below the chicken's throat (Real flappy)
I fold a rapper like a prison note
It's tradition, open the over with mittens, I got the kitchen [?]
Very heavy ignorant [?] leather armor

[Verse 3: Evidence]
That I'm draped in, taking a vacation
Dripped out and drapes down, straight out of the basement
Can't teach old dogs new tricks
But old tricks on a new bitch is easy as shit, sit
Takes one to know one director
It also takes one to know one of the extras
I used to want to take over the lecture
Now I just wanna take over projectors
Am I being maybe over objective
Just to get another rep step collected
Just to get another check, it's separate
The math metric, collecting

[Interlude 2]
I don't understand, you see

[Verse 4: Oh No]
[?] tell the truth
Cold chilling like I'm in the juice crew
Smooth as a coop cruise
Married to the game [?]
Celebrated graduated new school
Ain't worried bout the [?]
I'm all about the truth y'all ain't used to
My fist gets you hits like YouTube
Spit my scro's loose, shitting nails on the moon roof
A dentist pulled the gold from the road [?]
Stop [?] me, you killing me
You gon' bring the ill out of me
Even David Blaine out the ice box couldn't chill with me
Literally, give him the boot like Italy (Kicked him out)
Mad cause your shorty feeling me
And it seems I have the unlimited abilities built in me
Built to be as tall as a building while I'm building these blocks
[?] monster toss you a thought
Practice a little mal-practice before I get caught


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