Who Sang Sheet Music? Gangrene feat. Havoc & Sean Price

Sean Price You Disgust Me cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2015-8-7
Genre: Hip Hop
length: 3:53


[Verse 1: Oh No]
They say the boy is old school
WWF, I will smack a fucking chair into that little ass chest
You out of breath, that means you in need of some rest
Have a seat, literal
I'm yelling to the crowd and they yelling to get rid of you
And I don't need the cage or the rings
I'm from the game that goes bang in your dreams
So keep dreaming like a gauge in your sleep
So I can see what you thought on the sheets, I call it sheet music
Like the counting the sheep moving, The sleep movement
They seep into it, I see what you doing, you're sick, I see through it
Like a live leak to a filming, From a local's phone
I choke ya focus, Gone like hocus pocus, A locust swarm
The only way you hearing a buzz
Over the music that they play in the clubs
Sending the thugs baby, show me some love
I see the haters, they ain't fucking with us
(They ain't fucking with us)

[Hook: Havoc]
Never that, I'm better at it, you little fuck
Whoever ratted got bullet tatted the full advantage
I'm laughing at it, trying to find a little good in us
Good luck motherfucker, night night motherfucker

[Verse 2: Sean Price]
Smoke blunts, you know the black is potent
Don't front, you know I got cha open
At lunch with the snakes and pigeons
Front, get punched in your face for living
Listen, I beam ya wig, you see in this riddle
My dreams is big, my crib is little
Living in the Ville is risky
Niggas green with envy but I'm Bill Bixby
Mr. McGee don't get me angry
You wouldn't like it when I'm angry
Listen, P
New Lou Ferrigno
Big bullets that shoot through you and your kinfolks
Ruck from Heltah
.9 clapped, spine tapped and fuck your felt up
Snuff to the wack boy
Biggest nigga in my group Buff from the Fat Boys, P!


[Verse 3: The Alchemist]
I'm crumbling the dope, two G's in a bucket
Big bundle for the rope, twenty G's for the nugget
Doing slaloms in the slope, my machinery's rugged
You pussy with a shit stain, bikini is muddy
Break levee when I rain through the vicinity, flooded
So I could test my skin get canoed
This is only a small portion, I'm giving you a snippet view
Trailer visual sicker than salmonella Chicken flu
My creative juice come from a different fruit
When you sipping straw like Guinness brew
Spill blood on your tennis shoe
Before I bless Chalice, I use paper clip to scrape the residue
Stick man get the money, take the revenue (Get the money)
Theme music for you to push the Lamborghini pedal to
Explode a grenade and pieces of metal flew
Collateral damage aim for the torso but the leg will do



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