Who Sang From Another Orbit (feat. Roc C)? Gangrene

Release information
Release Date: 2010-11-22
Genre: Hip Hop
Style: Hardcore Hip-Hop
length: 3:43
Being transported to a new and separate reality

[Verse 1:]
Now watch how I'm flipping things
I'm the man behind the scene pulling the puppet strings
Married to the rap game without a diamond ring
Keep it a hundred percent authentic, I'm not a a ringtone
Rapper that's candy apple super sweet
My flow filthy like gutter water on dirty streets
Bang on the machines and bang out a beat
Get fans out of the seats, wake people that are sleeping out of their dreams
Can't tell where I cut it, there's no seams
Back like I got a score to settle, I'm on another level
I stutter step with the pebble just like the running rebels
f___ the current direction of rap, I'm the exception
40 cake, records raw with no protection while a chain swing
Name of the beast gangrene, make Gs, money like hoes
No chasing em, I make em chase me, custodian of streets I sweep
Drama king when it come to this music it's not a thing
I radiate, next to the Sun I'm the hottest thing on the planet
Hands dirty from working like a mechanic
Under the hood, animal I'm up to no good

[Verse 2:]
For anybody that don't understand
Underestimate the class won't pass like an undergrad
Under that I reign like thunderclaps
Storm through like Tom Clancy without a gat
But the team strapped make n____s ease back
Spit raw uranium, y'all don't wanna see that
Radioactive to radios active
My radius is massive, radiate classic
Material, ride, bang in my stereo
You're looking for the the real [?]
Here we go, gangrene, cut off the bad limbs
Back to some mad men madness
[?] the mathematics
Mic the masterful back at it
With ALC, even his fiends wanna get a crack at it
Like crack addicts deep addiction is like black magic
But this fresh and the car's more damaged
Cause we more savage, a beast with more patterns
Than patches on the front and back of some old jackets
From the old Jacksons it's the newest [?]
Rollers wishing to see what's happening

[Verse 3:]
Explosive bullets most will fall off in your wholesome hoodie
Sit there staring in your eye, toast of Phillie
[?] rhyme with Big Willie
[?] the hood brother
Spit phlegm, jumped in, we knowing the hitmen
Every other optional flow gets the clip then
Blow for a second, be back and then come get men
Clap cleaner all my ratchets Wolverine screener
[?] my inner beam will flow chemo
Rap made [?] a__ed in greeno
Greenish, b____ driving Filipino
Gun in your mouth, don't laugh at me
Don't even laugh with me, got 40 clips and a staff with me

CD 1
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Boss Shit
  • 3 Not High Enough
  • 4 Gutter Water (feat. Raekwon)
  • 5 Get Into Some Gangster Shit (feat. Planet Asia)
  • 6 Take Drugs
  • 7 Chain Swinging
  • 8 Wassup Wassup (feat. Fashawn & Evidence)
  • 9 All Bad
  • 10 Breathing Down Yo Neck (feat. MED)
  • 11 From Another Orbit (feat. Roc C)
  • 12 Ransom
  • 13 Standing in the Shadows
  • 14 Brass Knuckle Rap (feat. Guilty Simpson)
  • 15 Not Leaving (feat. Big Twins)