Who Sang Odds Cracked? Gangrene

Gangrene Vodka & Ayahuasca cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2012-1-24
length: 2:22

[Verse 1: Oh No]
Check it out
The doctor’s back, you’re odds are cracked
I’l push a grown man into a permanent nap
With murderous raps, a journalist killing the track
Words written on the wall like that of the zodiac
Where the O be at? I’m in the lab poking at a rat
Smoking a havoc sack, blinding your cataracts
Animal habitat, a cannibal snatching hats
Radical rat-tat-tat smashing your battle raps
Cold as an avalanche, I am a mountain top
Peak of the iceberg, sitting on Titanic watch
I’ll bring down your ironic yacht
You need a ark to get by this iconic shark (what?)
Just line an artist open wide with wired sparks
Electricity shock vicinities, meet thy enemy
Oh No, your state’s enemy, you would need ten of me
Literally to get rid of me, it’ll be a cold day I swear
I wrote a OG in hell, the blind won’t need brail
From what I tell you can see every word enscripted into a shell
And the shell’s in the hand of a killer like it’s a grail
And that grill’s made to propel a body, I’ll be be frail
In a chamber with so much anger send him to hell, ah!

It’s your everyday thing
When it comes to this, I’m as hard as it gets
Full day, every day

[Verse 2: The Alchemist]
The Chem is back, my pen is back
Boy brace yourself, your dentist whack
Animal rap demented tracks
Break cameras lenses, cracked
(Who the fuck want what?)
My Range covered in champagne, my Benz is black
But you need not to consider that (Why?)
Cause I ain’t with all the chitter chat
Words on the paper is chicken scratch
Fuck outta here, you sharpened your pencil and scribbled that?
I belittle that, burn a cigarette after I take a shit on that
Nothing but the raw, give em that
Cause Oh said, "sick em”, so I get em
It’ll be a fire burning in heaven before I slip
(I’m coming with extensive heat) unaffordable hits
Smack the mascara off your face more than a bitch
Gangrene body parts in a ditch
Time to finish my breakfast, finish my dish
Fucking stick a fork in a fish

Every day thing
Coming straight out of, straight out of
Double G
All day, every day thing
When it comes to this, I’m as hard as it gets
All day, every day, it’s an every day thing
Making this money
All day, every day

Do you think we train better?
Oh yes, because we’ve got the top instructors, you know?
You know, we just learn how to fight the new wave with elbows and knees, you know what I’m saying?
But you know, we have the advantage because we know how to do that and how to fight here

CD 1
  • 1 Intro (The Mixings)
  • 2 Gladiator Music
  • 3 Flame Throwers
  • 4 Drink Up
  • 5 Auralac Bags
  • 6 Vodka & Ayahuasca
  • 7 Dump Truck
  • 8 Due Work
  • 9 Odds Cracked
  • 10 Top Instructors
  • 11 Dark Shades
  • 12 The Groove
  • 13 Livers for Sale
  • 14 Outro (The Downsides)