Who Sang Reversals? Gangrene

Gangrene You Disgust Me cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2015-8-7
Genre: Hip Hop
length: 3:11

Gangrene, where the light at?
Mi a get mi a machete, mi a carve yee up
Clean mi blade mon, me a sharp it up
Nice and clean...
Big Up!

[Verse 1: Oh No]
Let the water spill back in the cup
It's Doctor No, put back in yo guts
Back in the cut, sealing the crease
Put 'em together piece by piece, then break a jig-saw
Puzzle they puzzle hoping the jig saw
The beefs in a pan not cookin', I like my shit raw
Thought you was sleep but you was really woke
Dope, I pour the soda out the shitty coke
Only the real [?]
I smash off shattered pieces of glass until it forms a light bulb
Blow smoke back at the roach, until the [?] blunt
Pour the OG from the blunt then bag it up for lunch
Reverse the explosion from the process
Cause I rebuild buildings, a bunch of projects
Like Donald Sterling, I'mma [?]
Take the keys back shorty I ain't feeling yuh

Run it back (x4)

[Verse 2: Alchemist]
Words disappearing off the page
The scenery's a mosh pit, I levitate then floated on my back
Over hands and bodies and landed on the stage
Shell cases on the ground, go back into the gauge
Reach [?] back in the trench coat, reverse the process
On a rhythm, scale it down and we'll click dragging the tempo
Benefacto, the 45 will spin 'em backwards
Spit the bubble gum back in the package
Redo the wrapper, breaking yo back, fatal fracture
Scoop yo guts, stuff 'em back in yo stomach and seal it after
Push a big dog whip, I wheel a tractor
Sew yo wig on yo scalp then peel it backwards
Reattach the back, parachute it back to the [?]
Fallen smoke through the condition, ducks back to the dewey
Started the end of the movie, reverse the credits
Bodies go from the S's back to the 'matics
Run it back, Lemme catch it again

Run it back (x4)

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