The Scrapyards Lyrics - Gangrene

Gangrene You Disgust Me cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2015-8-7
Genre: Hip Hop
length: 2:50

Fucking stupid
We live in this motherfucker
What you thought it was?

[Verse 1: Oh No]
[?] run in the stadium
Somebody's about to get killed, call Russel Crow up
[?] to hold up and I'ma fill in
Cause everything I do, I'm ill and don't even show 'em
I'm sick I put 'em all in a coma, fuck it they sleeping
They unconscious but they hear me speaking
It's all over, look it's all over
See all I wanna do is get 'em higher than a vulture
Then throw 'em off of a coaster
Smirks, I bet you yelling, bet you pissed off
I put you in the puzzle that I solve like jigsaw
Sitting in the meat locker, this shit's raw
Throwing hooks at the cow's ribs til my fist's sore
A butcher like Dexter, let me bag 'em up
Roll 'em off the boat, let the sharks come grab you up
Bitch slap you, I let my bitch come slap you up
Til I get that money that made Dave Chappelle wrap it up
Wrap it up

[Interlude: Alchemist]
Yeah check it, I got it

[Verse 2: Alchemist]
Okay let's take it back to the basic
Fuck all this off beat rapping and fashion
I'm back zone and your back bone get snapped in a fraction
With my feet up in the throne relaxing
Latoya Jackson, the black sheep can get the people on you clapping
Read your story below the caption
This shit made me sick to my stomach
I throw the napkin over Versace plate
[?] and pussy to copulate
Dirty utensil, no protective glove when I operate
Pockets swole like bumblebee stings
I strung out the fiends, throw on my Dungaree jeans
Run the machines
Tunnel rats, sewer gutter marines
Covered in wet suits and rubber boots
Flavored in biscuit, butter, and beans
Spread the ketchup and mustard across the bun
Let a couple fly from out of the musket and toss the gun
You a butterfly
Frail, flapping your wings, i'm shutterfly
You stirring in a pot, like jambal-i
Push GS Lexus with the [?]

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