Who Sang Ganksta Mac? Ganksta NIP

Ganksta NIP The South Park Psycho cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1992
Genre: Hip Hop
Style: Gangsta/Horrorcore

Yo Yo Yo Ganksta Nip is in the house imma pimp some of these bitches like i always do

Im the Ganksta Mac add more bank to the stack girls step out broke but bring me 3 or 4 started at 18 making a kill out of 25 grand i might kick her a dollar bill
Check the cut every night about 10' see some trick trying slap one of my bitches again i had to be cool the last dude i mopped up left is has bleeding in a garbage bag chopped up
Ganksta nip got so much cloud by the time i stepped up triple 6 done took him out so i fade its time to get paid bitches i played still cut for me like switchblades in souh park im sharp ass cactus punks i hate plus my gun equals mac-10 target practice i wish a nigga would think he's ..?? see his girl in a g string paying me

Keep counting the stacks
Cause im the ganksta mac

I step in infinity so many people i walk through 'm, brothers looking at me like i'm supposed to speak to 'm see a bitch that i want so i get closer to her nip dont care if she came??? bitch
You better learn that i'm not concern somebody better tell 'm that hot bullets burn. If your girl chase me dont try to catch her you be a big black bold nigga laying in a stretcher
My bitches play every corner chillin' I get bank from all of 'm cause they pussy makes a killin', willin' to make a sacrifice for your life, IM NICE TO MY HOES ASK MY MOTHERFUCKING WIFE. I get paid when she get paid (dope e: what if a nigga take the pussy?) Gunshot) Motherfucker get sprayed. Ganksta NIP I'm never alone, call your girl from the job I bett her answer the phone.???
Slap a bitch in a minute cause I love to fight, this bitch didn't make my money so she lost her eyesight!
South park pimp make a stack ganksta pimp ass nip aka ganksta MAC

Keep counting the staaackss

I don't need a job cause I run shit
If business is slow that's a bitch in a ditch
One of my hoes didn't reach her quota
She was last seen bleeding in North Dakota
I saw this bitch I started running game
Her creditcards and checkbooks are now in my name
She asked me for a quarter so I slepped her
She asked me for a dollar I DAMN NEAR SNAPPED HER
My game is tight, I play cards right
My favourite time of the day is the motherfucking night
Didn't know when to stop, so in jail I got dropped
Something told me not to throw that HANDGRENADE AT THAT COP
Niggas come quick your ass better run
I'm having a sale on bitches 2 for the price of 1
See I'm a Pimp Hoes better please me
Always remember that pimping ain't easy!
Ganksta NIP I slap a bitch real quick either with my hand or a big ass fucking stick
Cause to me she ain't nothing but a stack
I bet you did'nt know your mama was like that, Bitch..

Keep counting the staaaackss

Tape that shit, TAPE THAT SHIT!!!!!

CD 1
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Horror Movie Rap
  • 3 Get Out of the Game
  • 4 Rough Brothers From South Park
  • 5 Black Godfather
  • 6 Psycho
  • 7 Actions Speak Louder Than Words
  • 8 Ganksta Mac
  • 9 Smokin Amp
  • 10 Digusting
  • 11 H-Town
  • 12 Slaughter
  • 13 Paranoid
  • 14 Damned Shame

  • Release information
    label: Rap-A-Lot Records
    country(area): United States
    format: CD
    barcode: 049925716023
    script: Latin