Who Sang Strictly for the Club? Ganksta NIP

Release information
Release Date: 1993-6-24
length: 3:04

[Don't touch that stereo] x7
[In the mix, in the mix, Hey Mr. DJ] x4

[Ganksta NIP]
Bustas, they step in the club
Get drunk, wanna fight and start letting their pistols rub
Trick-ass niggas, always wanna trip
Ego trippin' off themselves cuz they stacking the grip
But uh, playas don't do that shit, playas relax
Throw ya hands in the air if ya claimin' Ganksta Mack
To be exact, I'm kicking the facts
Over 2,000 club killers per year and they're all black
And that's fucked up G
But just listen to your brother South Park Psycho nigga N-I-P
Tell the truth, niggas act like scrubs
But if everybody chill nobody dies at the club

Do the ganksta's run this motherfucker? (Hell yeah!)
Ganksta bitches run this motherfucker? (Hell yeah!)

Saturday night, the club is hype
Packed full of bitches, I'm scoping one my type
Fine, thick ass bitch there she go
[What's your name?] Ganksta NIP! [Aren't you the psycho?]
So I click into baby mode, kinda mushy
A couple of words, I had my finger in her pussy
Damn it's time to break, Mr. NIP won't bend
As I'm walking out the door, my other bitch steps in
Talking that shit, so she straight up slaps the trick
.380 in her purse, she want's to cap the trick
I got busted but that's one less scrub
Outside you can fight, but hoes chill in the club

If everybody chill, nobody get's killed x4

People pay their money to chill and dance
They didn't come to fight, or see a shooting or ambulance
Packing a nigga off, trick that ain't cool
No need to start tripping, or it's revolution time
Fool-ass nigga, groove to the beat
Drink you a beer fool, smoke you a swisher sweet
Pull a bitch, bitch, pull a nigga
Slow dance, grab her ass, grab his dick, fuck pulling a trigger
Yeah, now Ganksta NIP's on the mic
Kicking that psycho shit I know that this world likes
Stepped outside, ducked my head
Niggas were trippin', another brother dead

If everybody chill, nobody get's killed x4

All you gotta do is chill nigga
And nobody won't get killed

Stop the tape, stop the tape
Cuz all of these bitches wanna yell rape
Stop the tape, stop the tape
Cuz all of these bitches wanna yell rape

Dancing like that, bitch

CD 1
  • 1 Spc Shoutout
  • 2 Trance
  • 3 Psychic Thoughts
  • 4 Reporter From Hell
  • 5 Set Up Bitches
  • 6 Only Nip Can Do It
  • 7 Now Watch 'em Drop
  • 8 Strictly for the Club
  • 9 Come Into My World
  • 10 That's How It Is: Psychic, Part II
  • 11 Fuck You

  • Release information
    label: Rap-A-Lot Records
    country(area): United States
    format: CD
    script: Latin