Who Sang Burning Alive? Gaskin

Release information
Release Date: 1981
length: 4:28
Set our sights to reach the sky we never thought that we were set to die

Engines roared time stood still thinking of our last goodbye
To set off into s***e unknown all of us feeling alone inside

Finding what we really are no place to run nowhere to hide.....Burning Alive

To conquer s***e is what we sought but no one thought we'd never return
But who knows what the future holds, prisoners of our minds we must learn

To pave the way to other lands is what we planned but now it's over

The sun ! The sun ! Oh God we can't run it's over......Burning Alive

Memories go flashing by then fade and die before our eyes

The time is up, the future spent, the last lament for all of our lives
If there is a God somewhere, take me now don't leave me in this hell

The screams are ringing in my ears, the smell of fear we toll the last bell......Burning Alive

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