Who Sang End of the World? Gaskin

Release information
Release Date: 1981
length: 3:32
Thunder, Lightning, this is what is coming to you. Heart stop, frightening, but you don't know what to do

Hey you! Big shot, let me see you get out of this. I know, you know, this is one shot you're gonna miss
Rain is falling, everybody's on the run. Old men crawling, but there's nothing to be done,

Oh no! Save me! is the common cry, but it's too late, your fate, now you're gonna die

The time is nigh........It's the end of the world
Women screaming, staring wide eyed at the sky, Senses reeling, but no one stops to wonder why

Now then big boy, Billions have died. More are dying, I hope you're satisfied

Power crazy, you built your weapons high. Too bad madman, 'cos now you're gonna die

The world stood waiting, fearing every breath. In the name of peace? How dare you. You signed the worlds death

The time is nigh.........it's the end of the world

12" Vinyl 1
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