Who Sang Handful of Reasons? Gaskin

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Release Date: 1981
Give me a handful of reasons and I'll show you an open door

Introduce me to those who fight for their cause and Ill show you the rue morgue
Be gentle my friends to the arm that extends in friendship for it's lined with thorns

A few petty fears can end up in tears as you writhe in the valley of scorn

A wise man once said or so they say but that's another tale

Believe in the things that are right for you and man you'll never fail

Tread lightly my friend if you don't want to end up in sorrow the border is thin

Seek what you must and say what you will but you'll know the feeling within
Look for yourself there is no one else despise all the lies that you hear

So called friends will hurt you desert you your day of judgment is near

You can't hide the hate that is now in your heart you want to see them all burn

Revenge is sweet but its bitter perfume is another thing you've got to learn
Reason is broken your life is in threads playing roulette with your mind

You're seeing all things but you can't take them in stupid man you must have been blind

Only the fools abide by the rules survival's the name of the game

Don't get caught out it's not worth your while you'll only end up in pain

Your brain is aflame your body's on fire sickness has got to your mind

You know you can't wait till the debt is repaid to kill the world that made you blind

12" Vinyl 1
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  • 2 Victim of the City
  • 3 Despiser
  • 4 Burning Alive
  • 5 The Day Thou Gavest Lord Hath Ended
  • 6 End of the World
  • 7 On My Way
  • 8 Lonely Man
  • 9 I'm No Fool
  • 10 Handful of Reasons