Who Sang Sweet Dream Maker? Gaskin

Release information
Release Date: 1981
length: 3:49
I'm gonna shake ya, I'm gonna take ya, To a place that you'd never believe

I'll make you drool there, you'll be a fool there, And you bet your life you won't want to leave
I'm gonna blow your mind, so what you waitin' for ?

Sweet dream maker, sweet dream maker.

You're glad you stayed now, don't be afraid now, because we're takin' off to ecstasy

I'm gonna blow ya, I'm gonna show ya, the other world that you're dyin' to see

Lay back it won't take long, It's comin' on strong
Sweet dream maker, sweet dream maker.

You're in confusion it's an illusion, but you can't stand the hunger inside

So you come to me to set your soul free, just one shot and you're satisfied

You don't know whether you're in heaven or hell
Sweet dream maker, sweet dream maker.

And while you're dreaming your body's screaming, because it's taking you away from your mind

With every breath you're near to death, but I've got you like a fish on a line

Your life wasn't long, but it was one hell of a ride

Sweet dream maker, sweet dream maker............................

12" Vinyl 1
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