Gates of Ishtar - The Burning Sky Lyrics

release date: 1998
length: 2:10
vocal: Mikael Sandorf
performer: Gates of Ishtar
guitar: Urban Granbacke
drums (drum set): Oskar Karlsson
bass guitar: Mikael Sandorf
never spoken, crawling in my mind
Brought to life by their own demise, their feeble lies
I remember those days when truth were the way
Remember those days, it's never the same again
Hate, I feel the demon growing strong inside
and vengeance is screaming in my blood
Like thunder roaring in the sky
the burning sky. . .

Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Wounds
  • 2 The Nightfall
  • 3 At Dusk and Forever
  • 4 Battles to Come
  • 5 The Burning Sky
  • 6 Never Alone Again
  • 7 Always
  • 8 Forever Beach
  • 9 Red Hot