Gathering Field - Diadem Lyrics

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She wears her sex like a crown
She tears the little boys to pieces
When they come around
She's pretty like a magazine
I am her victim
And how she loves to watch me bleed
But when she smiles
Once in a while
Without the meanness
Without the style
And I can see
The fine woman she can be
I take my place in line
Suffer her design
Waiting for my diadem to shine

I don't know what I'm going to do
She robs my reason
And rest assured she knows it, too
If I were stronger I would leave
A righteous treason
O'er which I know she would not grieve

But when she smiles…

The morning comes and I descend
Down from my dream state
To the car around the bend
The Blue horizon beckons me
The crowded freeway
Takes me to my destiny

'cause when she smiles…

Track Listing
  • 1 Look Inside
  • 2 Fifty Lifetimes
  • 3 Dying on the Vine
  • 4 Dirt of Chimayo
  • 5 Who We Are
  • 6 Diadem
  • 7 So Much Water (So Close to Home)
  • 8 I Don't Know
  • 9 Absence of Her Smile
  • 10 Proving Ground
  • 11 Distant Thunder