Gathering Field - I Believe! I Believe! Lyrics

release date:
length: 3:48

Saw the wave hit the shore
Saw it clear, like I never had before
It was spiritual, I nearly lost control
Felt it in my soul
Now I can't remember, try as I may
Exactly what it was that sent my spirit spiraling that day

I believe! I believe! (Anyhow)
I believe! I believe!

Maybe love is a rose
Or maybe it's a gun you use to shoot off your toes
Tell me, what's the difference to a working stiff
Looking for a lift?
Could be love of the spirit, might be love of the flesh
We all need some kind of living to find some happiness


It's easy to be cynical, it's easy to see through it all
It's easy to be angry and the world and just say, "Screw it all!"
But it don't take a hero to put blinders on his eyes
And just believe
I believe! I believe!

Don't know what happens when you die
Can't seem to figure it no matter how I try
Are you dead and gone, or does your soul live on
In hell or in heaven?
Say a prayer to Buddha baby, say a prayer to Christ
You got to cover all your bases, get some everlasting life


I got some weaknesses inside
Or are they demons, I never did decide
You know the truth to tell, I spent some time in hell
I guess it's just as well
It's a baptism by fire and it ain't a pretty sight
I wrestled my desires and I still ain't won the fight but . .


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