Gathering Field - I Want to Be With You Lyrics

release date:
length: 5:20

After all this time
You're still feeding me that same old line
You don't know how you feel

You got a love inside
You got a love locked up way down deep inside
My mother taught me not to steal

I want to be with you
I want to be with you
I want to be with you . .

Such a sorry sight
You holding on to the past with all your might
That ain't no way to live

Open up your eyes
Open up your eyes and take a look in mine
I got a love to give


The only way for you to move on
Is just to let go, not to hold on
Baby I know you were hurt once
But that's all over, you found a new love


I got a vibe on you
I feel alive on you
Can you feel it too?


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