Gathering Field - Middle Road Lyrics

release date: 1996-8-20
genres: Rock
styles: Alternative Rock
length: 5:01
Take the darkest of the darkest nights
Combine it with the brightest of the sun's bright rays
And you'll see what I see in my head
What I see every day

From the pit of despair
To the arch of euphoric transcendence
I'm the middle man monkey, the misery junkie
The cat walking barbed wire fences

I've been searching high and low
Up and down and carrying my heavy load
High and low and up and down and all around
Been trying to find the middle road
I been trying to find it

Whenever God shines his light
I put on my best sunglasses
Whatever truth that shines through, for a moment I view
But of course then the moment it passes

And I'm standing alone again
At the crossroads of my melodrama
With my heart in my hand, dumb and silent I stand
Like some dime store Dalai Lama

I been searching high and low...

Angel, devil, it's all the same
Each one knows me by name
Each one knows me, they all know me by name

Come the morning of my soul's dark night
When I've laid to rest these ghosts that haunt me
With sweet tenderness I will kiss your red lips
Not the past or the future shall daunt me

But that day ain't here just yet
So I'm stuck here on this roller coaster
With my hands in the air, on a wing and a prayer
Hoping it's taking me closer

I been searching high and low...

BILL DEASY: lead vocal, acoustic guitar
DAVE BROWN: electric guitar
JOHN BURGH: hammond b3, piano

Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Lost in America
  • 2 Rhapsody in Blue
  • 3 Bound to Be
  • 4 Middle Road
  • 5 Midnight Ghost
  • 6 Are You an Angel?
  • 7 Love Me Good
  • 8 Win You Back Suzanne
  • 9 And I Wanted
  • 10 The Soul is Human
  • 11 Blue Sky Song