Gathering Field - Simplify Lyrics

release date: 1999
genres: Rock
styles: Alternative Rock
length: 3:52

Thirty seven kinds of coffee
Thirty seconds to decide
As the line backs up behind me
Say, "I'll take number nine."

Things have gotten complicated
There's confusion in your eyes
So I called this conversation
'cause now I realize

We got to simplify this life we're living
Count the gifts that we've been given
Hold me close beneath the changing sky
We got to simplify

Let's spend the day out in the country
Like we used to do before
Before the rat race sent us running
When our hearts were young and pure

We got to simplify...

We can get there again
We can leave this whole world behind
All the love we knew then
Is still there for us to find

We got to simplify...

Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Simplify
  • 2 Alcatraz
  • 3 I'd Believe in God for You
  • 4 Always A Reason
  • 5 Complicated Me
  • 6 My Serenity
  • 7 When I Put the Record On
  • 8 Promises
  • 9 Right Where You Want Me
  • 10 Another Man
  • 11 Beautiful Land
  • 12 The Heart of Everything