Gavin DeGraw - Candy 歌詞

合成: Gavin Degraw
オリジナル盤発売日: 2011-9-20
ジャンル: Rock Pop
スタイル: Pop Rock/Soft Rock
length: 4:39
Remember the day you came to me and said you found the truth?
And I turned away and told you should take another look?
You said you’d see what’s going on
I know you trust but something’s wrong

We have our lives to bear
Our bags to burden
But we just buy and we wear
The plastic version of
Love, hope, understanding
But we can’t survive on candy

Red carpet ride
Can take your mind
Away from anything
And I wanna die
At every mention of “celebrity”
Like “who’s doing who”
Just how and where
Long as it’s not you
I just don’t care


Running far away from all your serious concerns
I know you’ve learned to you use your fairy tales
To get you through the hurt
Who’s falling? We’re falling
And there’s just no climbing back
So I’m slowin’, I'm stallin’
While I’m under full attack


On candy
On candy
On candy
We can’t survive, can’t survive on candy

CD 1
  • 1 Sweeter
  • 2 Not Over You
  • 3 Run Every Time
  • 4 Soldier
  • 5 Candy
  • 6 You Know Where I'm At
  • 7 Stealing
  • 8 Radiation
  • 9 Where You Are
  • 10 Spell It Out