Who Sang Creepin' (Ghoulie remix)? George Duke

George Duke Dukey Treats cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2008-8-26
Genre: Jazz Funk / Soul
Style: Jazz-Funk/Funk/Smooth Jazz
length: 5:01

Deep within the night when your girl friends asleep
That's when you creep
Hangin' at the club with some girl you can rub
That's when you creep

Getting' home late from the job - your Creepin'
Cell phone ringin' in the night - your Creepin'
Bumpin, hangin at the club - your Creepin'
Hotel rub-a-dub dubs - your Creepin'

Hello baby, my name is "Ooh"
And all I got to say is, I got a thang for you
You see I've got this magic cane that can do almost anything
Some call it the Dukey Stick, yeah I love it when they call my name

Jekyl and a Hyde with a strong alibi
That's how you creep
Stalkin' like a ghoon seeking prey in the gloom
That's how you creep

Now sometimes love has no rhyme and no season
Even when you're not lookin', it can grab you for no reason
Leaves turn from brown to green
Tiptoe through the tulips - those kinds of things
But to tell you like it TI-is, I need lovin' that'll stick to my ribs

Rirtin', hangin' with the girls - your Creepin'
Takin' off your ring so it can't be seen - your Creepin'
Slippin' numbers on the down low - your Creepin'
Wooin' those girls with a "hello" - your Creepin'

(Piano solo)

Full lip kiss on the cheek - your Creepin'
(ladies) Why yawl men so week? "uh—"
Stayin' out late in the night - your Creepin'
(ladies) Yawl no yawl ain't right - your Creepin'

Home girls lookin' real good - your Creepin'
Specially the ones from the hood - your Creepin'
Mind games, spy games, workin' on her main frame - Creepin'
Kick back, lick back, any kind of fat back - Creepin'

When the lights are low and nobody will know
That's when you creep
Secret rendevous with some girl you have wooed
That's how you creep - Creepin'

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