Who Sang Missing You? George Duke

Release information
Genre: Jazz Funk / Soul
Style: Jazz-Funk/Rhythm & Blues/Smooth Jazz/Soul/Soul-Jazz
length: 5:46

Well here I am again
Sittin' in front of this computer screen
At 3 in the morning
Payin' some bills and
You come across my mind real heavy
And I want to reach out to you
You know say something funny just say hello
I'd really like to call you, but it's late
So I think I'll send you an email you can pick up in the morning
And I know I haven't seen you in a long time
But that doesn't mean my feelings aren't strong
And sometimes it seems we just go along from day to day
Not saying the things we should say
But right here, right now, from me today I want you to know
That girl I've been missing you
It seems as the days go by
That many times and in many ways
The small things in life pass us by
The ones we love who need a hug
The kids we bear who need concern
It's all about giving and sharing
And letting them know
How much we care
And how much we're aware
Of who they are
And that they're special ---- and so
Girl I've been missing you
(I've been missing you)
The things we do
We are one
(we are one)
You are my everything
Spreadin' my wings
With the words unspoken
Tomorrow certainly isn't promised
And no one knows what the future will bring
Take moments that I love flow like a river run free
And let it fly like a bird in the sky
Above the mountain tops on high
And like a lion let's let it roar
And like an eagle let's let it soar
Girl I've been missing you
The things we do
We are one
(we are one, yes we are)
You are my everything
(you're my everything)
Spreadin' my wings
(spreadin'my wings)
With the words unspoken

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  • 2 Stones of Orion
  • 3 Trippin'
  • 4 Ashtray
  • 5 Missing You
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  • 8 Jazzmatazz
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