Who Sang Ricochet? Ghettosocks feat. El da Sensei

El da Sensei Treat of the Day cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2009-10-10
length: 3:26

It’s Ghettosocks so don’t ask me for a frame of reference. Stay pretentious - when you exited I made an entrance. Take suggestions and don’t say it’s sexist when I pull a Pharoah Monch and ask your moms to display her breasts. I make it fit like I’m playing Tetris so don’t get vexed when I come after your ex like the ‘A’ in TEXAS. Blaze the set quick. You’re nodding ‘til you break your necklace, but don’t bite my text unless you like to taste asbestos. These cats bounce like a ricochet. So weak their ribs’ll break from one taste of Minute-Maid. I think I’m back in the seventh grade, feeling like Billy Madison whipping dodge-balls at a kiddie’s face. Stayin’ elegant so hatin’s irrelevant. Even at home-base these cats are way outta their element. Big mistake letting Socks rock with El da Sen ‘cause now we got to send you off to the place where Elvis went
I latch on unleash with the speech off and on beat honorary heat-mash n_gg_z to the concrete. Monstrous but conscious - of my environment. Solid with the product that keep haters in silence. Mileage peaked and tweaked - my skilled conditioning tread like Michelin to get good positioning. Point guard pivoting - rhymes riveting to get it in. Wild and outlandish like barred citizens. Lyrical fit-ins shit on competition - spit on opposition, clear I’m not forgetting nor forgotten. Motherf***er known to be a problem. Ill lines I got ‘em, new cats I spot ‘em. Found at the bottom - dug from expeditions, studied and analyzed and defined long-missing. Special edition exclusively duty-free, Ghettosocks included me addressed so fluidly
Solve the case in in the first forty-eight, target in place encouraged as an artist to break. Pen rhymes with the patience like I roll dimes, hold minds like rubber grips when they takin your shine. Without blazing a nine - we get cash and that’s the mission, so if you ain’t down - be ghost like an apparition. Mathematicians try to calculate the facts we kickin’ and get slapped on the wrist because they didn’t ask permission. Menacing rhyme a tenant in time written my space. Held down for ten years plus, singles filling your crates. First-place ribbon for best line in show. Koor points is the perp cause they recognize the flow. Like yellow lines in the snow - we bring heat to the public overseas people love it - still we eat on a budget like you got chicken? gimme a piece of the nugget that’s all I need, just pass me a beat - I’m a crush it

Digital Media 1
  • 1 Rappin’ for Fun
  • 2 Onlyindamornin’
  • 3 Recreation
  • 4 Dreams of Hawaiian Sophie
  • 5 Stolen Kicks
  • 6 Out for Treats
  • 7 Ricochet
  • 8 Role Models
  • 9 Not Impressed
  • 10 Pink Lemonade
  • 11 U Ain’t This
  • 12 Guillotine
  • 13 Take Chains Off
  • 14 Don’t Turn Around
  • 15 Rock the Discotech
  • 16 The Roof