Who Sang Resolver? Giant Sand

Release information
Release Date: 1991
Genre: Rock
Style: Alternative Rock
length: 2:04

There's a calculated risk
A cumbersome task....
And the annoyance of moving too slow
There's a pre-determined fate....
Twisted up in sheer debate
And an outcome unsung, but well told
First you solve her.... then you resolve again
For those who need to go round again
There's a light on in the house
When you know no one's at home
There's a realm just a waiting for return
You got the bloodline to resist
You got good reason to persist....
Save the sensation that insists on return
First you solve her.... then you resolve again
For those in love with the end

CD 1
  • 1 Romance of Falling
  • 2 Warm Storm
  • 3 Wonder
  • 4 Welcome to My World
  • 5 Anti Shadow
  • 6 Jazzer Snipe
  • 7 Shadow to You
  • 8 ZZ Quicker Foot
  • 9 Neon Filler
  • 10 Seldom Matters
  • 11 Resolver
  • 12 Nowhere
  • 13 Always Horses Coming
  • 14 Patsy's Blues