Who Sang Lord of All? Glenn Kaiser

Glenn Kaiser All My Days cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1993-1-6
length: 3:30

A carpenter from Nazareth
A Man from Galilee
He talked a lot of love
And setting captives free
The men who rallied 'round Him
Fishermen by trade
He called out twelve
They followed Him
And fishermen He made
He spoke a lot in churches
And in the countryside
The people heard Him gladly
As He prophesied
About His Father's kingdom
Salvation through the Son
He exposed the liars
He had them on the run
One night they came and took Him
And nailed Him to a tree
Though He never sinned a single sin
He died for you and me
But He did just what He said He'd do
God raised Him from the grave
He said if we'd believe in Him
That we would be saved
Of all who came to follow
He never lost a one
Except the ones who ran from Him
To travel on their own
But He talked a lot of judgement
And you'll either rise or fall
You can call Him what you will
I call Him Lord of all!

CD 1
  • 1 All My Days
  • 2 You Are the Source
  • 3 Tapestry
  • 4 Ever Closer
  • 5 Surrender
  • 6 In the Ocean of His Love
  • 7 Most of All
  • 8 Lord of All
  • 9 Behold the Lamb of God
  • 10 Reveal Yourself to Me
  • 11 Blessed are the People
  • 12 Like a Little Child
  • 13 Wedding Prayer
  • 14 Here We are Gathered
  • 15 For Thee I Wait