God Lives Underwater - Lonely Again Lyrics

release date: 1995-5-23
genres: Electronic Rock
styles: Alternative Rock/Industrial
length: 5:01
producer: Gary Richards
membranophone: Adam Kary
lead vocals: David Reilly
mixer: Clark Eddy
background vocals: Jeff Turzo
guitar: Jeff Turzo
bass guitar: Andrew McGee
executive producer: Rick Rubin

Deep, deep, slowly
I'm slowing down not to be found for a while

I keep thinking the past few days
Sometimes I'm wrong, wrong in my ways
I tell myself someday I've got to explain

Now I've become what I said
Said I'd never come to
You just figured that I
Would never care about anything

Sleep, sleep, lonely again
Toss in my bed, regret what I said to you

I can't stop thinking of how you cried
You're probably drinking, tomorrow you'll lie
I know myself, it's something I can't control

Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Drag Me Down
  • 2 No More Love
  • 3 Lonely Again
  • 4 Nothing
  • 5 Try
  • 6 Waste of Time