No More Love Lyrics - God Lives Underwater

God Lives Underwater Empty cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1995-9-12
Genre: Electronic Rock
Style: Stoner Rock/Techno/Industrial
length: 4:18
producer: Gary Richards
membranophone: Adam Kary
lead vocals: David Reilly
mixer: Clark Eddy
background vocals: Jeff Turzo
guitar: Jeff Turzo
bass guitar: Andrew McGee
executive producer: Rick Rubin
writer: David Reilly, Jeff Turzo
I can see
See the signs
I've been waiting here for you
But nothing's getting through
I am gone
Up in the clouds
Praying I can turn
Turn myself around
A year ago
I gave it a year
I hoped it wouldn't happen
Now it's here
It took so long
I can't carry on
I know the reason that you left me
You had nothing more to give me

No more love

I can see
See your eyes
I can feel your heavy stare
I run my fingers through my hair
I am high as one can be
And I hope I don't come down
I hate when I come down
A month ago
I knew you lied
Took my life into your hands
You just don't understand
How it feels to be free
Know the reason that you left me
You had nothing more to give me

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