Who Sang Pity of My Own Grief? God

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Release Date: 1997
length: 6:47
My goddess from the night
lighten my way
the way of our love
which rises in my heart
My goddess of the moon
love me to the blood
let me feel your power
to praying every night

I'm a Christian
and you tempt me to sin
with the thought and the deed
Tell me, you, my own blood -
why does your name burn in my soul
why I never could come closer to you
just for one time, to be next to me
even if you're far away
and yet, so near
as you will never be to me
I'm happy that you exist!
I call you dear
and I pay too dearly for my wandering
I'm ashamed, I pity myself
Please take away from you
show me your deep hate
Let me feel how disgusting a man is
drowned in his own grief
I can't imagine myself
living near somebody without body
Only soul...and I will recover
I did ruin myself, not you
You have no fault, but pity
you may have for me...

  • 1 Intro
  • 2 From the Moldavian Ecclesiastic Throne
  • 3 The Waiting
  • 4 My Romance
  • 5 Black Judgement Day
  • 6 Diabolus in Musica
  • 7 Pity of My Own Grief
  • 8 Şi...
  • 9 CopyCat

  • Release information
    country(area): Romania
    script: Latin