Who Sang De Profundis? Godkiller

Release information
Release Date: 1998
Genre: Electronic Rock
Style: Black Metal/Industrial
length: 4:43
Stay away from me
I'm bleeding

Let me sleep
For a hundred years
I'm bleeding

What will be my very last words?
I'm bleeding

What will I feel when I'll breathe my last?
I'm bleeding

How time flies
How years go by
I'm bleeding

Watch us laugh in the wind
Our fate is sealed
I'm bleeding

Everything fades to grey
I'm bleeding

Everything is so desolate
I'm bleeding

Life is but a gaping wound
I'm bleeding

I feel like the end of the world
I'm bleeding

CD 1
  • 1 The End of the World
  • 2 The Inner Pain
  • 3 Down Under Ground
  • 4 Following the Funeral Path
  • 5 Day of Suffering
  • 6 Nothing Left but Silence
  • 7 Still Alive
  • 8 Waste of Time
  • 9 De Profundis