Who Sang Shit to Me? Goldie Lookin Chain

Goldie Lookin Chain The Manifesto cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2003
Genre: Hip Hop
length: 2:45
ntro - my name is a-rape, balaclava, don't fuk with me or i fuk with your father

shit to me, shit to me, shit to me, fuk you alicia keys

justin timberlake it's time to take a fukin' break
you touched britney spears, you had your piece of cake
i'd rather put my tongue across the face of ricki lake
than sample your music by lifting your break
fuk your soul with my goldie lookin' flow
cut off your penis on the david letterman show
take a deep breath, you're goin' below
like ricky martin being raped by a dildo

chorus - j-lo means shit to me
p-diddy means shit to me
ja-rule means shit to me
fuk you alicia keys

rockin' the tempo, increase the aggro
she's got a fat ass and her name's j-lo
i loves to see her dancin' and wobblin' her jelly
but the music's crap just like that cu*t nelly
when we gets hold of you we can wreck the place
clart you'll need more than a plaster on your face
i'll smash up your cd's in HMV
then i'll smash up madonnas and r-kellys

chorus - j-lo means shit to me.......................it's not safe
p-diddy means shit to me..................cl*t fuk
ja-rule means shit to me...................yer mother
fuk you alicia keys

madonna, mariah carey and whitney
give it up, you're almost 50
wycleff jean, what's goin' on?
fukin' with tom jones bra, you got it wrong
and anastacia, you're names on the list
it's next to shakira and will smiths
i've got alicia keys on her hands and her knees
feelin' the power of the GLC

chorus - j-lo means shit to me......................fcuk off
p-diddy means shit to me.................fcukin' nothin
ja-rule means shit to me..................fcukin' shit
fuk you alicia keys

oh, dirty, christina aguilera lookin' sexy, like my ford sierra
it's got a body kit, it's lowered with a spoiler on the back
she's so fukin' dirty but her music's fukin' whack
stop startin' fuk ricky martin
smelling britneys bacon drapes without her legs parting
you won't believe the smell when she does the splits
she's got a gammy eye and two different sized tits...innit

chorus - j-lo means shit to me
p-diddy means shit to me
ja-rule means shit to me
fuk you alicia keys

wile wile west ikky ikky waa waa
to will smith i say fukin' ta ta
it's gettin' hot in here like a sauna
i'll block you out with an ounce of soap bar
i'll take you out with a can and balaclava
next to go would be rapper rule-ja
and aguilera's tried to roll a cigar
and wangle the ass of shakira

chorus - j-lo means shit to me
p-diddy means shit to me
ja-rule means shit to me
fuk you alicia keys

CD 1
  • 1 The Manifesto
  • 2 Self Suicide
  • 3 Shit to Me
  • 4 The Alchemist
  • 5 Billy Webb's Lament
  • 6 My DJ
  • 7 Cheap Teeth
  • 8 The Maggot
  • 9 Safe Beats
  • 10 Soap Bar
  • 11 Reverend Love Tug
  • 12 Shotgun
  • 13 You Knows I Loves You
  • 14 Maggot's Stand Up
  • 15 Your Mother's Got a Penis

  • Release information
    country(area): United Kingdom
    format: CD
    script: Latin