Who Sang Disco? Goliath and the Giants

Goliath and the Giants Done Deed cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2012-10-26
length: 3:38

Well good morning planet earth and thanks for giving birth to yet another
It's that Friday after eight again same ol'storry same ol'men
Just a little older
It's this tention from a far sayin meet me at the bar mmh
Hope you don't have brothers
Should we stay here inside watch a waterfall dry or make the night just
Somewhat brighter

I wanna take you to a disco so you can dance all night
We get down on the floor in this house by the shore and we forget about our

It's a chemical reaction of opposite attraction
The birds are flying lower
There are cars hovering the streets, it's way beyond beliefs
And bums singin' in choirs
It's this tention from the bar sayin' meet me from out far
Pimps better say their prayers
Should we go out or just stay here and shout over the music that seems

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