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Release information
Release Date: 2007-7-30
Genre: Rock
Style: Alternative Rock/Indie Rock
length: 3:15
Hail to our king, to our very first king
He says that we may not eat a thing
Cos we've got to keep fighting with all our might
And we won't get food il the fall of night
He's so sure that we're doing the right thing
Despite so many lives
And after all he is our king
And we make sure he survives

And still he says

"Don't start losing faith now
There is not writing on the wall
Don't start looking back now"
But we're still weak from the Curse of Saul

Back, looking back, looking many years back
And even then we felt the need to attack
Whichever Philistines we'd been taught to fear
But then in his coronation year
King Saul said that things would change now
The third way would be clear
No more lies and deception; so how did we end up here?

Don't you think that we deserve the truth?
Don't you just long to see the proof?
Don't you think these things are overdue?
Heal these wounds and bleed no more
Bring our neighbours back from war
Because we tried to listen and we tried to learn
We tried to listen and we tried to learn

CD 1
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  • 2 The Illness
  • 3 Passchendaele
  • 4 The Curse of Saul
  • 5 Alice
  • 6 Good Life Salesman
  • 7 Violent Man Lovesong
  • 8 The Last Day
  • 9 Walk With Me
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