Who Sang Piercing Her Throat? Goretrade

Goretrade Ritual of Flesh cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2003-11-28

Hatred sizes my mind
Then I void to murder
But I will enjoy looking at her decapitated body
Smoothly I perforate her throat
She should die for betraying my confidence
Treacherous I hated you
Blood to be poured on your body
Feeling slowly that your life fades away
You can't breath...
With a knife in your throat.

Just to be despair in your life
You will live wishing to die
And you will die wishing to live
Pray for your f*****' body!! (4x)
Begging for mercy
You make me laugh
I just feel a trembling light in my hand
When my knife penetrates your throat

CD 1
  • 1 Piercing Her Throat
  • 2 Ritual of Flesh
  • 3 Ambushing the Ignorance
  • 4 Bloodstained Altars
  • 5 Bloody Beings
  • 6 Hell's Dominion Butchery
  • 7 ... And Your Blood Will Be Lust
  • 8 Born of a Murderer
  • 9 Postmortem Incision
  • 10 Laceration