Who Sang Ritual of Flesh? Goretrade

Goretrade Ritual of Flesh cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2003-11-28
length: 3:52
Offering flesh to desire
Turning blood into l***
Praising the whole body as a temple
Making flesh a ritual...
Ritual of flesh...

The ritual begins
Perversion is invoked
The sickness of the dark side of the mind
Evokes the principle of every l***
Remains of the ritual begin to appear
Blood, flesh and death everywhere
Your lost mind desiring pleasures
An a**ured death expects for you
It's a ritual
It's a burial

Opening the gates with the cursed words
Ritual of flesh
Your life's f*****...
And the beast in your soul
Expect with calm
The fallen god will arrive
He's not a strange
He's here to live everyday

CD 1
  • 1 Piercing Her Throat
  • 2 Ritual of Flesh
  • 3 Ambushing the Ignorance
  • 4 Bloodstained Altars
  • 5 Bloody Beings
  • 6 Hell's Dominion Butchery
  • 7 ... And Your Blood Will Be Lust
  • 8 Born of a Murderer
  • 9 Postmortem Incision
  • 10 Laceration