Who Sang Colored Sands? Gorguts

Gorguts Colored Sands cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2013-8-30
length: 7:55
Onward to reach the wheel of time
A path of solitude
Embraced humbly
Hands, face and knees against the ground

Prostrations for existence to come
Winds of perpetuity
Through sails of vacuity
Shores of enlightenment
Are wished and found

Sand Mandala
of the enlightened mind
Sand Mandala
Pure wisdom, one, shall find

Disclosing mystic hands
Splendors of colored sands

Soon of this work art shall be
In the hands of ephemerality

Dismantled, will be
The wheel of time
Quiet intensity
The sands are poured at sea
Waves of enlightenment
Are blessed and found

Vinyl 1
  • 1 Le Toit Du Monde
  • 2 An Ocean of Wisdom
  • 3 Forgotten Arrows
  • 4 Colored Sands
  • 5 The Battle of Chamdo
  • 6 Enemies of Compassion
  • 7 Ember's Voice
  • 8 Absconders
  • 9 Reduced to Silence