Who Sang Dormant Misery? Gorguts

Gorguts The Erosion of Sanity cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1993-1-19
Genre: Rock
Style: Death Metal
length: 4:53
Deep inside
Beyond all conceptions
Unconsciousness hides
A comatose existence

As your mind falls asleep
A second life is awakening
Far beyond imagination
The world of dream is where
Your second soul will perish

Lands which no one's seen before
Dark as hell
There, alone, you are in this vault of fear

In imagination, time does not exist
'Till the end you'll bear this dormant misery
This dormant misery

As you were opening your eyes
Your soul reinstates in consciousness
Reinstates in consciousness

Once the shades of reality disappear
In the shades of mortality they reappear

Far beyond
Dark imagination
Unconsciousness hides
A comatose existence

Next time when you fall asleep in your bed
Stiff and cold you'll be dreaming with the dead

CD 1
  • 1 With Their Flesh, He'll Create
  • 2 Condemned to Obscurity
  • 3 The Erosion of Sanity
  • 4 Orphans of Sickness
  • 5 Hideous Infirmity
  • 6 A Path Beyond Premonition
  • 7 Odors of Existence
  • 8 Dormant Misery