Who Sang Enemies of Compassion? Gorguts

Gorguts Colored Sands cover art
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Release Date: 2013-8-30
length: 7:03
"The Snow Lion is a mythic beast of Tibetan legends. As a protector of the Nation, the Snow Lion is emblazoned on the Tibetan flag. Today the Tibetan flag is outlawed in its homeland."
[Feature documentary film "Tibet: Cry of the Snow Lion"]

Clouds made of fear
Roved by the sky as the enemies
Chased the sun away from the their land
Blackened, got, the snow,
As the footsteps by enemies
Chased peace away
From their land

Hope and light,
Snow lion brings
Through wisdom
Hate and lies,
Dragon infuses into freedom

The lands of snow
being invaded by enemies
Shrines and beauties dressed up in ruins
One can't believe
Any words said by enemies
Cultural invasion begins

Suspicious walls
Prison of glass
Freedom is now stuck
Behind the bars of past

Curse.... uprising curse
Enemies of compassion
Despotic thirst

Waves of hate... undertowed
Tragic fate,,,,, sinking
Waves of hated... undertowed
Mourning braves... drowning

"When I see beings of wicked nature oppressed by violent misdeeds and affliction...May I hold them dear, as if I had found a rare and precious treasure."
[The 14th Dalai Lama]

Vinyl 1
  • 1 Le Toit Du Monde
  • 2 An Ocean of Wisdom
  • 3 Forgotten Arrows
  • 4 Colored Sands
  • 5 The Battle of Chamdo
  • 6 Enemies of Compassion
  • 7 Ember's Voice
  • 8 Absconders
  • 9 Reduced to Silence