Who Sang Nostalgia? Gorguts

Gorguts Obscura cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1998
Genre: Rock
Style: Death Metal/Experimental
length: 6:10
In fictive degradation
Coming depression revolved
Around an Earth
Nostalgia excludes the whole

As spleen takes over me
Resound, the echoes of my threnodies
And then the fact of being
Has no longer meaning
The hymns of light
They'll sing once I'll be gone

Reverie appears cause
Existence collapse

Sadness shall obnuilate

Sadness, feels, the desolated

Desperately lost within
Lament, pain and misery
The more lies burden lives,
The more I am dying
The realm of light
I'll reach once I'll...

Latest feeling drowned
In lucid contradiction
Coming relation revolved
Around a heart
Nostalgia excludes the whole

[repeat 3rd and 4th verses]

CD 1
  • 1 Obscura
  • 2 Earthly Love
  • 3 The Carnal State
  • 4 Nostalgia
  • 5 The Art of Sombre Ecstasy
  • 6 Clouded
  • 7 Subtle Body
  • 8 Rapturous Grief
  • 9 La vie est prélude…
  • 10 Illuminatus
  • 11 Faceless Ones
  • 12 Sweet Silence