Who Sang Subtle Body? Gorguts

Gorguts Obscura cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1998
Genre: Rock
Style: Death Metal/Experimental
length: 3:24
Volatile incarnation in tangible
Ghostly shades aerate
In the air, penetrates
Transparent fleshless beings cast in tangible
Mortal eye horrified by this spectral light

Enhance, Enhance
Cloudy, obscure conception
Floating, Floating
Unspeakable perception

Volatile infiltration in visible
Beyond sight and demise
Shall transcend darkened minds
Existence, being transposed to invisible
Terms of life, once arrived, I will
Bring your spectral flight

Sweet silence
Crawling animation
Sweet serenity
Unearthly variation

Embrace, embrace
Futile fascination
The flight enhance
Increasing perversion

Volatile incarnation in tangible
Beyond sight and demise
Have trancend, Darkened minds
Transparent fleshless beings cast in tangible
Terms of life, now arrived,
Brought your spectral flight

CD 1
  • 1 Obscura
  • 2 Earthly Love
  • 3 The Carnal State
  • 4 Nostalgia
  • 5 The Art of Sombre Ecstasy
  • 6 Clouded
  • 7 Subtle Body
  • 8 Rapturous Grief
  • 9 La vie est prélude…
  • 10 Illuminatus
  • 11 Faceless Ones
  • 12 Sweet Silence