Who Sang Fought for Death? Gothic Slam

Release information
Release Date: 1988
length: 3:44
World War III will soon be here
Bodies in Pain
Children in Fear
We suffer for Man`s Frustration
Till the End of this Mass Desperation
Watching our Lives slipping away
Is this Hell here to stay
Our Future`s Death no Way to avoid
Life created soon to be destroyed

Murder !
Is their Game
Killing !
Is all the Same

No Hope, fought for Death
Just here to die
Till there`s nothing left
The ones we love seem to burn in Fire
Why can`t we stop their cold Desire
To die alone and nothing else
To be disgraced while there`s nothing felt
No Way to stop the cayotic Birth
Just leave us here
till the End of Earth
World War III
Die !
Well let it be

Killing the Land
Killing our Town
Wasting People look all around
Cities leveled Bodies destroyed
Is this War we try to avoid
End is near No Way to run
Killing Fear till my Time is done
Our buried Dreams of Victory
Are gone forever and you will see
Murder !
And World War III
Killing !
And let it be

Murder !
Is the Game
Killing !
Is all the Same
Warfare !
World War III
Die !
And let it be

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