Who Sang Necromance? Goya

Goya 777 cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2013-12-13
length: 5:23
mixer: Brad Boatright
recording engineer: Jirix-Mie Paz
bass guitar: Jirix-Mie Paz
drums (drum set): Shane Taylor
guitar: Jeff Owens
lead vocals: Jeff Owens

In earth thousands of years old
Lie hidden stories that should not be told
Corpses protected by ancient seals
With this sigil i thee reveal
Necromancy (x3)
A change is in the wind the scent of decay
From rotted mother earth sulfuric acid rain
In the graveyard i make my bed
To hell with the living i am at home amongst the dead
I am your savior for that which kills you sets you free
They're crawling through the cracks again coming to kill me
I am your savior and that which kills you makes me stronger
I feel them closing in but that which kills me will only set me free

Digital Media 1
  • 1 Rites of Hashage
  • 2 Necromance
  • 3 Night Creeps
  • 4 Death's Approaching Lullaby
  • 5 Blackfire
  • 6 Bad Vibes