Who Sang Atheos? GPKISM

Release information
Release Date: 2009-3-4
length: 5:21
The time has come for us to rise.
Our wings shall scorch the pitch black sky.
No fear no hatred in our eyes
Ever onward we shall survive.
Can you see the burning dream
the retribution of your Sin.
The garden soon shall cease to be,
pray for the one who never existed.
Come to me, set me free, from this tragic misery.
Open wide your sacred eye
witness the fall of paradise.
Let me sleep in your dreams,
can you hear my silent scream.
Let me fall, my instinct calls.
Together we shall sing once more.
How many times I've seen you cry,
when you're praying to the sky
These crystal tears you shed tonight
forever shimmering in the night.
How many times I've seen you cry
When you're praying to the sky.
These holy blood you bled tonight
shall justify your sacrifice.

CD 1
  • 1 Immaculatus
  • 2 Thanatosis
  • 3 Metempsykhosis
  • 4 Metempsykhosis ~Omega~
  • 5 Ultimatus
  • 6 Illuminatum
  • 7 Infernum
  • 8 Synthesis
  • 9 Abaddon
  • 10 Sublimis ~Alpha~
  • 11 Sublimis
  • 12 Atheos
  • 13 Sanktus
  • 14 Abyssus