Who Sang Infernum? GPKISM

Release information
Release Date: 2009-3-4
length: 6:19
Sacrifice your paradise
Let the angels burn tonight
Clarify your desire
Let your dream consume the sky
Purify your wicked mind
It's time to meet your own demise
The sea of blood you gaze upon
Reflecting demons in your eyes

Revelation will not come
Your soul shall never see the sun
The sound of scream sinners
When Heaven burns to cinders
The desecration of my heart
To everlasting redemption
The only thing that you shall see
Is your infernal d***ation

Submit yourself to me there's no escape
Your soul shall burn for me eternally
I se your flesh trembles before me
The god you seek is nowhere to be seen

CD 1
  • 1 Immaculatus
  • 2 Thanatosis
  • 3 Metempsykhosis
  • 4 Metempsykhosis ~Omega~
  • 5 Ultimatus
  • 6 Illuminatum
  • 7 Infernum
  • 8 Synthesis
  • 9 Abaddon
  • 10 Sublimis ~Alpha~
  • 11 Sublimis
  • 12 Atheos
  • 13 Sanktus
  • 14 Abyssus