Who Sang Sublimis? GPKISM

Release information
Release Date: 2009-3-4
length: 5:53
Behold ~the stars have faded it's light, the moon is cold as ice~
I'm here~ for you, forever watching you~

I'll soon lose all my light, my tears will all be dry
I'm here ~forever and ever ~
The sky, raining tears of light, enlighten me inside~
my heart is burning bright, my frozen soul will cry
I hold you through the night~a perfect paradise~
ascending to the sky, where we dances in the light~

Hold me in your arms, surround me with your scent
~I feel your heart beating fast~

Kiss me with your lips...enchant me with your smile
I feel my heart melting fast...

CD 1
  • 1 Immaculatus
  • 2 Thanatosis
  • 3 Metempsykhosis
  • 4 Metempsykhosis ~Omega~
  • 5 Ultimatus
  • 6 Illuminatum
  • 7 Infernum
  • 8 Synthesis
  • 9 Abaddon
  • 10 Sublimis ~Alpha~
  • 11 Sublimis
  • 12 Atheos
  • 13 Sanktus
  • 14 Abyssus