Who Sang Operattack? Grace Jones

Grace Jones Slave to the Rhythm cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1985
Genre: Electronic Funk / Soul Pop
Style: House/Deep House/Synth-pop/Garage House
length: 2:17
composer: Trevor Horn, Stephen Lipson, Bruce Woolley, Simon Darlow
Paul Morley: "I first got introduced to your music with a song called 'La Vie En Rose'"
Grace Jones: "Oh, you're kidding. That's my first album."
Paul Morley: "That was great!"
Grace Jones: "Uh huh!"
Paul Morley: "Is that a special song to you?"
Grace Jones: "That's a very special song to me. Oh God, I cry every time I sing it."
Paul Morley: "Yeah."
Grace Jones: "It's that special -"
Paul Morley: "What's it mean to you?"
Grace Jones: "Well it means, uh, a lot of romance, and um.. I had quite a few French lovers, you know, so every time I sing it I think about them."
Paul Morley: "So lots of fond memories, then?"
Grace Jones: "I'm - Yes - "

CD 1
  • 1 Jones the Rhythm
  • 2 The Fashion Show
  • 3 Operattack
  • 4 Slave to the Rhythm
  • 5 The Frog & the Princess
  • 6 The Crossing (Ooh the Action...)
  • 7 Don't Cry - It's Only the Rhythm
  • 8 Ladies and Gentlemen: Miss Grace Jones