Who Sang Madam I’m a Darling? Gráda

Gráda Endeavour cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2002-5
Genre: Folk, World, & Country
Style: Folk/Celtic
length: 2:33
writer: [traditional]
As I roved out near Chester city
In the dark all late at night
Who should I see but a fair young maiden
Washing her clothes by the fair moon light
Chorus (after each verse):
Madam, I'm a darling, a di ro, a dither o
Madam, I'm a darling, a di ro dae

First she washed them, then she squeezed them
And then she hung them out to dry
Then she folded up her arms
Saying what a nice, young man am I
Going to the well for a pale of water
Fetching it home for to make some tea
She fell under, I fell over
All the game was above her knee

Madam, I will tie your garter
And I will tie it above your knee
And if you like I'll tie it up further
Madam, I'm a darling, a di ro de
Have you ever heard of cups and saucers
Rattlin' in an auld tin can?
Have you ever heard of a fair, young maiden
Married to an ugly, gray old man?

Madam, you have gold and silver
And madam, you have tracks of land
Madam you have ships on the ocean
All you need is a fine, young man

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