Grand Prize - To See You Lyrics

release date:
genres: Rock
length: 3:33
Beauty unveils all that You are
Beauty is defined
Shining light radiates my mind to see You

Unspoken love is all around
Greater love has not been found
To know Your truth and to feel Your might
Lord I want to see Your Light

To see You in my life
To know Your love
like I've never known before

Free my mind calloused between
Hope of lie and fear of unseen
Awaiting faith lives inside to see You

My knees bow down to the One who is
and the One who was and the One to come

Track Listing
  • 1 It's Not Over
  • 2 Break Me
  • 3 To See You
  • 4 Point of View
  • 5 King of Kings
  • 6 Like I Never Did
  • 7 You Are Wonderful
  • 8 I'm Waiting
  • 9 Shepherd of My Soul
  • 10 Your Love Will Never Fade
  • 11 I Remember
  • 12 Hidden Track