Who Sang Footsteps? Grandpaboy

Grandpaboy Mono cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2002
Genre: Rock
Style: Alternative Rock/Indie Rock
length: 3:27
composer: Paul Westerberg
lyricist: Paul Westerberg
They bought me a suit
Gave me fifty dollars
Gone today, I'll be here tomorrow
Need a leap of faith, or a jump of stupid
Either way, don't know what I'm doing

Time, in time
You hear my footsteps
Time, time
Baby, hear my footsteps

Well, it's heads, I win
Tails, we flip again
I bluffed and lost
Hated, so they win
Asking you, smile for the people
Just passing through the eye of a needle

Time, in time
You'll hear my footsteps
Time, time
In time, you'll hear my footsteps

Walk a thousand feet
I'm so afraid to be free

Won't wait for a girl
Honey you're mistaken
Weight of the world,
Leave my shoulders aching
Every night it's gone
Ain't sure what I had
I'm gonna clap for myself
Think with my hands
A leap of faith or a jump of stupid
Either way, don't know what I'm doing
If you follow me around
With a tape recorder
I'm sure you'll get a load of footsteps

Feel my footsteps

CD 1
  • 1 High Time
  • 2 I'll Do Anything
  • 3 Let's Not Belong
  • 4 Silent Film Star
  • 5 Knock It Right Out
  • 6 2 Days 'Til Tomorrow
  • 7 Eyes Like Sparks
  • 8 Footsteps
  • 9 Kickin' the Stall
  • 10 Between Love & Like
  • 11 AAA